We Can Work It Out

As I will not repeat, I knew it would not work. Friday came around, and I was yet again alone. The whole day. Till 8:00. In a text message. "I'm so sorry".
I told you, dear bloggy, this would happen. But you gave him the benefit of the doubt that he would go and he didn't so I hope your happy you trusted him once again. Its OK though, I bet you feel like a fool. I'll give you comfort by telling you I gave him hell for it. I haven't even forgiven him yet. So do not fret, dear bloggy, for I have not failed you yet. Yet. I made a mistake by laughing at his jokes once again, he feels threatened no more because of this. No more scares, and I was right as were you, he does not care. Well, bloggy, that's mostly it. Have school again tomorrow, I care but I don't. It changes. Boo. That's all. Ciao!!!!! ^_^