No need to be afraid

Weeelll, my motivation for going to school has gone completely out the window. I'm dreading going back tomorrow, when I do have at least somethings to look forward to. I mean, only two days..well, one and half I guess. The superclass thing is Wednesday which means - no gym! Woo! Then Thanksgiving and all, then finally my boyfriends coming back to visit. I'm pretty sure he's trying to make up for ditching me on Halloween without calling or anything.
I really owe that one to Maddie though, she was sooo patient with me. Sitting there waiting for..three hours or so just waiting for him to call and Maddie sat there with me agreeing what an ass he was. So, I was glad I didn't have to do all that alone. Its all good now.
I don't really understand everything school related makes my stomach do flips. I've got nothing good going on, yet theres nothing bad I should be worried about. Maybe the source of all this isgym. Maybe since fitness day is tomorrow I don't want to go, plus my two most boring classes because of block.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I finally got off the damn waiting list for D.C. so I'm going and rooming with Maddie..that'll be fun =)
Especially with who we get paired with..hopefully that'll turn out well. That's a little worrying, too, but I'll deal with it later when I need.
I guess that's about it. Most of the stress (except for gym) is gone except for a test Wednesday but that's all good, I got it covered. So yeah, mostly everythings OK so I don't know what my deal is. My interest is just gone so, hopefully I'll be able to fix that. Especially when I see Jonathan Friday, he swears he'll be there but..I don't know.
So, then, carry on =)