Well, Well, Well...

Its getting wwwwaaayyy to cold out, my house is just FREEZING all the time. There isn't much going on, I just thought I'd write, ya know. I've just been DROWNING myself in Broadway music. I'm not sure why, Wicked's pretty good. Probably my favorite, next to Phantom of the Opera and everything. I read Wicked and it was pretty good, I didn't finish it though because it was about the length of Twilight x2. No joke. But I really love the music, call me strange or laugh but I do. Im for some strange reason completely addicted to it. =)

Before I forget - New Moon. Completely loved it UNTIL the end. "Marry me." Wtf?!
What kind of ending is that?! Me and about 100+ other people were all booing at the screen Thursday night. Going at midnight was pretty crazy, but incredibly fun. I was actually surprised at how many peeps I saw I knew. I think Rachel, Julia, Allison and some other people I don't remember, but I still love them =]
Overall, New moon WAS all I hoped and more, it just could have BEEN MORE. But it had enough impact to have me leaving the theater on Team Jacob. I never thought I would be, but something about him in the movie made me switch. I liked him alot better then in the book, though. Maybe that's why I'm just now changing. Maybe it was just all his smexy shirtlessness =)

But anyway, the last thing I'm left with is that Friday cannot come soon enough. Even though things wont work out, I'm ready to be disappointed so I can be excited for now. But oh well, I'll worry about that later. He swears so, I'll believe for now.

Bye for now! =)