Insperation - <(less)

One day you'll see your place,
The mistakes you made,
Your beautiful smile that used to light up my day,
It doesn't shine anymore,
Your arms that used to hold me,
Only hang limp at your sides

Whats happened to you?
December's strong winds,
April's cool showers,
You loved me then

Now look at you,
Your a painful wreck,
Sometimes I cant bear to hear you speak,
Sometimes everythings just to much to bear

Coming from my heart,
I hope you want do me dead,
as much as I want myself dead, too,
You don't understand that loneliness you inflict on me,
Just from looking away,
To her,
It doesn't matter

The streetlights,
The setting sun,
You were there with me,
I'm alone now,
Taking on life with a new perspective,
Of hate and sadness,
Such pain I've never once felt before

These things I'm expressing to you,
Are the very feelings I feel,
The very feelings you make me feel,
As I sit here, staring at that space you always occupied,
The hole in my heart grows deeper and deeper,
Till one day it'll consume me and everything I am,
The only feelings I have against your leaving
It kills even more to know there was and is nothing I can do

Regardless of what you say or promise,
How many times you visit,
You aren't coming back,
I know this, and I can tell you do, too,
I see it in your eyes,
Some sort of sadness I've never seen before,
The tender loving look I depended on,
I've lost it and I haven't seen it since.